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we're julie & samantha

Don’t hire us unless you like getting everything you want.

If the thought of taking a selfie every day makes you want to take an Uber off the nearest cliff, then we’re so glad you found us! We didn’t grow up in the era of selfie sticks either. The thought of looking like a tourist with our phone on the end of a ten-foot pole makes us cringe. Might as well throw on a Mickey Mouse hat, some white Reeboks, and a fanny pack while you’re at it! We’re the type of women who’d prefer something tailored and classic over ripped jeans and a tee any day, so, we get it when you roll your eyes about what all these crazy kids are doing these days online.

You’ve got real street-cred. The Harvard-kind, not the Breaking tkind.

That’s why we love Personal Branding. It’s like investing in a really great watch you’ll have forever. It just keeps going up in value.

We started building our personal brands on Instagram, just like you - with no followers.

By the time we had 2,000 followers, we were making a teacher’s salary.

In 2018, we earned enough to buy a house in a single week – just by posting on Instagram.

we’ve also helped our clients do some pretty surprising things with a great personal brand:

• We helped an event planner land Christian Dior as her client.
• We showed a dietitian how to get 300 clients on Instagram. (She also became the official dietitian for the Miami Marlins and Del Monte Fresh Produce! Bonus points!)

• We taught Laura Belgray, founder of Talking Shrimp and co-creator of The Copy Cure - her writing program with Marie Forleo, the ins and outs of Instagram. Back then, she hated the platform. Now, she says it’s “one of the greatest joys in my business.” She even told Money magazine that she now gets paid $6,000 a day to write quotes on Instagram.

• We helped one of the most influential women in the art world take her consulting practice “social” so she could get international clients who had never heard of her before, instead of relying solely on referrals.

• We helped an artist land a magazine placement she had been trying to get for ten years.

• We could talk your ear off for hours, but we can already see your wheels turning…

Wondering how that all went down?

A Tailored Custom Experience

You’re one of only a few select clients, so you receive our full attention. Our process is completely personalized to your needs.

Exquisite Imagery

Unconventional Copy

Our photoshoots are off-the-charts. They’ll place you in a category of one. Remember, most of our decision-making happens based on what we see.

We write words that lift-eyebrows and skip-heartbeats. One glance at your brand copy and they’ll want you.

If you run the type of business that makes people say, 

“i need to work with her”

then you run the type of business we can brand.

Ready to take a ride on that gravy train?